Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Add To A poem #43 - Lovely Spring

Lovely Spring

Spring is almost here
The sun is so much warmer
Buds are appearing on limbs of trees
Birds are chirping happily
And Hearts, in search of love begins to cheer
Spring beckons, that special someone to appear
Hope the breezy wind gets that someone
The mild sunshine touches that heart as well
Wish the fresh aura attracts his attention
With me in that beautiful space!
The sun warms
The earth
Flowers bloom
Pleasant aromas
Waft on the breeze
Life begins anew
Sunshine and shadows
Hot rays on a cold days
Alluding to a sultry summer

Written by Niamh Serendipity, Shefali Aurora, Elizabeth Gallo And Phil Renaud

Copy write 2016