Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Great Creator

Great Creator
O great creator
I beseech thee
Let our crops grow abundantly
May our hunts be bountiful
Let us live in peace
And harmony
Rain down your blessings
On your people
Bestowing peace and tranquility
On us all
We ask this in the name
Of the creator

© Phil Renaud 2016

Monday, 21 November 2016


Flying fish churning seas
Colorful peacock feathers
Butterflies dragonflies
Colorful leaves wispy clouds
Peaceful doves songbirds and eagles
All come together
To make my dreamscape
A cornucopia
Of technicolor delight

© Phil Renaud 2016
Artwork titled 'Spirit of Flight' by Josephine Wall

Friday, 18 November 2016

An Off Day

An Off Day
You can feel it coming
A rumbling down in the pit
It builds to a churning
That is sometimes painful
The churning changes to a roiling
Like a pig on a spit
Turning over and over and over
And intensifying

Movement causes increased
Churning and roiling
However movement is a must
To get to a safe haven
Movement causes
Moaning, groaning, clutching, and hoping

The movement is too much
The percolating moves to ejection
Which explodes out
With the force of a bomb
Coating everything

The purge is over
Energy is drained
Rest is a must

I abhor getting sick

© Phil Renaud 2016

Monday, 14 November 2016


Act admirably
Love life
Openly oblige
Humbly human
Appreciate all

© Phil Renaud 2016

Tuesday, 8 November 2016

God's Footprint

God’s Footprint
It’s in the air
The birds
The bees
The flowers
And the trees

It’s in you
And me
Our family
And our friends
Some don’t recognize it

It’s the beauty

Of the morning sunrise
The golden hues
Of the evening sunset

It’s the blue sky
The fluffy clouds
The red hot sun
Shining down
On our fun

It’s the night sky
Filled with glowing
Dots of light
And the moon
Shining so bright

It is God’s Footprint
On display
For all
To see

Give thanks to our God
For his love and generosity

© Phil Renaud 2016
Photo courtesy of and by Elizabeth Gallo

Friday, 4 November 2016


I have a respectable employment
Have had it for a couple of decades
It used to be a joy
To work
Now a lifetime
Of working has passed
Becoming a drudgery
Along the way

I started here
When it was a new plant
Things were viewed
Through rose-colored glasses
The sheen wore off
And the real work world
Hit me
Squarely in the jaw
And then the drudgery
Slowly crept in
So now my working days
Are a chore
So much so that
I don’t want to anymore

Retirement is
A few years away
I can hardly

My job is humdrum
Monotonous for sure
I will still strive
To do my duty
Each day at work
Until the glorious day
Of retirement arrives
And this drudgery ends

© Phil Renaud 2016


My mind races
From one thought
To another
With no pause in between

The weight of my life
Rests heavily
On my shoulders

My past
Preys on my mind
My future
Looks bleak
My present
Is grey and dark

I feel like I am being crushed
Like a sponge
By my very

© Phil Renaud 2016