Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Getting Old

Getting Old
I’m gettin’ old
My life has passed me by
I am no longer spry
I’m getting’ old

Many moons ago
A younger man was I
Life was slow
And did not fly by

As I grew up
Life began to speedup

Days and years
Came and went
Too many beers
To lament

Now as I prepare
To retire
I offer up a prayer
And do declare

I’m gettin’ old

© Phil Renaud 2017

Monday, 30 January 2017



Bump into the counter
Stubbed toe
The agony of short intense pain

© Phil Renaud 2017

Friday, 27 January 2017

Morning Prayer

My Morning Prayer
Thank you Lord
For letting me to
Wake to live another day
Please watch over my family…
Especially my wife, Patricia; my mother Annetta;
My brothers Garry and Charlie;
My sisters Carol, Donna, and Michelle;
Niece Emily and nephew Chad
May you keep them and the rest of my family
Safe, comfort them, ease their pain and suffering
And guide them on the path
To your resurrection
I ask this in the name of
Jesus Christ our Lord

© Phil Renaud 2017

My Wife

My Wife
My wife …
Is the love of my life,
the heart of my heart,
the woman of my dreams.

I love her
With all my heart and soul

And I thank the Lord
For letting me
Meet my wife
So long ago

© Phil Renaud 2017

Friday, 6 January 2017

Shelack Hums

Shelack Hums
There once was a detective
Who was very effective
At solving mysteries
With great histories

He used his brain
To ascertain
The guilty factions
So that by his actions
Justice was served
To those who deserved

Shelack Hums is his name
Solving crime is his game
With his partner, Dr. Whitson
No criminal could outrun
The duo
Of Shelack Hums & Dr. Whitson

© Phil Renaud 2017
I claim no ownership of photo

This poem goes back to my earliest roots as a writer - when friends and I wrote plays in grade 7 or 8 (more than 40 years ago) - about the great detective Shelack Hums. Enjoy☺

Thursday, 5 January 2017

Love is...

Love is…

Love starts as a small seed, much like that of the Mustard seed. As the mustard seed grows into a majestic tree so it is with love, as it matures and ages, it grows spreading joy, bliss and encompassing all within its reach.

Love is like the embers of a dying fire, sparkling, glowing and radiating heat and light into a harsh world.

Love can also be like ice, cold hard and unyielding.

Love is an emotion that must be shared. Sharing love increases the power of love tenfold. An emotion that is shared by man and wife becomes the bond that unites them for life.

Love is the most wonderful feeling that one can experience.

© Phil Renaud 2017

Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Girl In A Jar

Girl In A Jar
Confused and alone
Time is unknown
Hugging my knees
A feeling of unease
Invades my mind
As I find
I am quarantined
In a jar
It’s truly bizarre
Being trapped in a jar

© Phil Renaud 2017