Saturday, 24 January 2015

Life & Death

Life & Death
Life is a journey that traverses time and events. It is a spiral that culminates with death.
Every life begins as a small seed. The seed is planted and nurtured to grow into a big strong flower.
The seed is aided by watering and feeding as it moves on the journey through growth.
This growth produces a flower that radiates beauty. As the season passes the flower begins to age, wither and grow old. The plant that began as a seed many moons ago is beginning die. Death is near.
So it is with life. Conception starts life. Then through caring and nurturing life is stimulated. A human being is created.
In mid-life the being radiates beauty, much the same as a new flower. But the death spiral starts.
Death is a long slow spiral down into nothingness. Yet out of death springs new life. For in death the flower spreads its seed to renew life. Humans spread their seed throughout their life, not waiting until the death spiral begins.
Yet even here the cycle of life is renewed before the spectre of death comes knocking at the door.
Life and death would not exist without the other.

© Phil Renaud 2015


Marriage is the union of two kindred souls, creating one entity with two minds.
Two pipes joined together form a union, but the bond is not robust. Welding forges a strong and robust bond.
A flower builds a union between itself and the root system, creating strength and stability.
So it must be with a marriage, the bond must be strengthened to become as impregnable as a fortress.
And yet the union must remain fragile. For over time, without nurturing, the marriage may become brittle and cracked as the ice on a frozen lake is brittle and cracked.
The bubbling brook wends its way through the forest, tumbling over obstacles continuing merrily on its journey.
Matching the brook, a marriage must wind its way through life avoiding obstacles, so that a strong bond is formed and the journey continues on harmoniously.

© Phil Renaud 2015

Friday, 23 January 2015

Home & Heart

Home & Heart
Home is where the heart resides.
A house may be erected to embrace the heart, much as a wine cup embraces the wine in clear crystal.
With every transient season the house transforms into a home, brimming with pearls of memory that cling to the possessions of the home.
These pearls of memory are forever stored in the heart, constructing a home brick by brick.
A flower opens itself to the breeze allowing its seeds to spread across the plain.
So it is with the heart. The fickle winds of affection can move the heart far and wide.
Accordingly, does the home not follow the heart? Inasmuch as the heart moves from one community to another, the home follows also.
The house, like the maple tree, is rooted deep. The base is as stable and strong as a mountain. The house rooted, stable and strong is still only a house if no heart resides there.
Like the noon day sun warming the earth, homes radiate the heat of love from the heart.

Home is where the heart is.

© Phil Renaud 2015

Friday, 9 January 2015



Is a peaceful
Breathing, stretching practice.

Is a stress reliever
Practice eases the mind,
Brings contentment.

Is a fitness routine
That does the body good,
More practice means
More fitness

Yoga can be whatever you 
Want it to be
Yoga is best when repeated daily

Peace out:)

© Phil Renaud 2015