Saturday, 24 January 2015


Marriage is the union of two kindred souls, creating one entity with two minds.
Two pipes joined together form a union, but the bond is not robust. Welding forges a strong and robust bond.
A flower builds a union between itself and the root system, creating strength and stability.
So it must be with a marriage, the bond must be strengthened to become as impregnable as a fortress.
And yet the union must remain fragile. For over time, without nurturing, the marriage may become brittle and cracked as the ice on a frozen lake is brittle and cracked.
The bubbling brook wends its way through the forest, tumbling over obstacles continuing merrily on its journey.
Matching the brook, a marriage must wind its way through life avoiding obstacles, so that a strong bond is formed and the journey continues on harmoniously.

© Phil Renaud 2015