Friday, 29 July 2016

Morning Run

Morning Run
My alarm goes off
A piercing buzz
That jars me awake
I dress and head out the door

The dew lays on the grass
Glistening like little diamonds
The birds are awakening and chirping
Creating a beautiful cacophony of musical notes
The sun is rising
Sending rays of glorious light
Beaming across the sky

And I run
Gliding across the pavement
My footfalls making nary a sound
Taking in the beauty of the early morning
This is my favourite time to run

And I am thankful
For the health that allows
Me to run
And for the beauty
That starts my day
On my morning run!

© Phil Renaud 2016

Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Add To A Poem #53

I am sorry to be late
Please don't hesitate

This challenge is fun
So don't procrastinate
Quill your thoughts
To deftly demonstrate
Your inspired skills
As Poet Laureate

So open the gate
Don’t wait
Spread some ink on paper
Write a little ditty
It doesn’t have to be witty
Let your creativity flow
Write or type
Whatever lights your pipe

Double your joys
Quadruple your happiness
As you write what you fee
Let the rain of your thoughts pour
Let the clouds of curiosity burst
Right here, right now

© Destiny Rose CMB, Elizabeth Gallo, Phil Renaud, Shefali Arora 2016


Is a force of Nature
It nurtures awareness of body and mind
Creating strength of spirit and soul
It is learning to breathe,
Love and inspire others

Meditation provides relief
From everyday living
Wellness and stillness
Are at the root of calm

It is a joy to practice an art
Sharing and giving are the gifts
Given to the practioner
On their passage
Of learning

The intimate purpose
Is to facilitate
Peace in the present
And the future
Yogis crave their practice
For this very reason


© Phil Renaud 2016


On a causeway
Between two buildings
We are trapped
Trapped like mice in a maze
With nowhere to go
We look to the inner circle
To get a clue
Why we are here
There are none
With nowhere to go
We are trapped

© Phil Renaud 2016


Having a hoot
At the beach
Long lazy days
In summer
Doing nothing

© Phil Renaud 2016

Thursday, 14 July 2016

Sailing of Old

Sailing of Old
On a flat sea
Explorers of old set sail
To find another country

With nothing to guide them
Except the stars at night
They worried about the outcome

So in the hand
Of God they did sail
Looking for land

When land was found
The sailors fell to the ground
And praised our Lord

© Phil Renaud 2016

Friday, 8 July 2016

Would You

Would You

Would you
Live your life over
Correcting mistakes
Fixing faux pas
Making things better

Would you
Go back a day,
A year, a decade
Would you
Go back to your
Teenage years, your childhood
Living life over
Making changes
Hopefully for the better

Would you
Change your life
If you had the chance
Even if it meant
Changing the path
You followed
Would you
Do it?

Are you content
With your life
Happy with the path
The direction of your life

Would you
Take a do over
A mulligan, so to speak
And live your life over

© Phil Renaud 2016

Thursday, 7 July 2016


Your love is like fire
Burning the ice away from
My frozen heart

© Phil Renaud 2016

Tuesday, 5 July 2016



A dry arid ground
Serein falls out of the sky
Sucked up like a sponge

© Phil Renaud 2016