Friday, 9 September 2016


Summer is done
Twas so much fun
The crops grew and grew
All the summer through

Now fall is in the air
The harvest is upon us
Reaping and picking are done with great care
And thus
Our larders are stocked
Locked and blocked

Now let us praise our Lord
For all the bounty stored
In our barns
On our farms

© Phil Renaud 2016

Thursday, 1 September 2016

Our Father

A poem/prayer I wrote inspired by and using quotes from the prayer "Our Father"

Our Father

Our Father 
Who art in heaven
Creator of all
Giver of life
Shine your everlasting light
Down on me
So that I may bask
In your glory 
And proclaim thy name 
Far and wide

Give us this day 
Our daily bread
Let us be thankful
For the food we eat
The clothing we wear
The house we live in
Our friends and family
For all these things
Come from you Lord
For your generosity knows no limits

Forgive us our trespass
And lead us not into temptation
For we are merely human Lord
Prone to temptation and sin
Instill in us the strength to resist Satan
And all his evil minions

And when our time 
On this earth is over
Welcome our fractured souls
Into your heavenly glory
We pray for this
Our Lord Jesus Christ

© Phil Renaud 2016
Inspired by and with excerpts from the prayer "Our Father"