Friday, 29 May 2015



The struggles of life
Blending together to form
Divine memories

© Phil Renaud 2015

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Book Pressing

Book Pressing

Butterfly preserved
Pressed between the book pages
Turned to dust it’s gone

© Phil Renaud 2015
Image Courtesy Shefali Arora


Love is an emotion that when expressed freely spreads peace, warmth, and happiness.
Love is meant for sharing. For sharing by love spreads out covering the earth much like the Phlox flower spreads out to cover the meadow.
When love is shared it becomes as strong as a tree and as flexible as a branch. To endure love must be both strong and flexible to withstand the rigors of life. Having durability such as this love will last as long as the sun shines down on the earth.
Love has many faces. It can be seen in the joy of a child receiving their first puppy – unconditional & unrestricted. Or in the way a mother deer helps her fawn – nuzzling the baby deer. Or in the way a flower stretches out to reach the warmth of the sun – dazzling with beauty & aroma.
Love is not meant to be hidden. Hidden love festers and poisons itself with self-doubt and negativity quickly becoming like a boil – red & sore. Hiding love makes it unrequited causing the love to become hard & bitter pill to swallow.
Like Prince Charming and Snow White finding each other, true love will find its soul-mate.
So always remember that love is better shared or given away. And sharing love will only help to make this world a better place.

© Phil Renaud 2015

Saturday, 23 May 2015



Masterful methodical manipulation
Aiding abused anatomy
Skin sighing softly
Self-sinking slowly
Anxiety aches abandoned
Glorious gift given
Euphoria extremely elevated

© Phil Renaud 2015

Poor Alice

Poor Alice
To be
Fun. Working
For a living is
Such a bore. I cannot handle
It anymore. Please shut the door. I can relax more!

© Phil Renaud 2015
Picture courtesy  Bekkie Sanchez 



G – Give glory to God
O – Open thy heart to his awe
D – Divine worship God

© Phil Renaud 2015

Thursday, 21 May 2015

The King Is Gone

The King Is Gone
The King of Blues
Was a modest man
His music lit a fuse
That began
A lifelong cruise
Through the musical span
Known as the Blues
His dulcet tones
Created by Lucille
Sunk into my bones
Sounds so genteel
I was often prone
It was all so surreal
His music will live on
Through the annals of time
And looked upon
As sublime
The King is gone
But not forgotten
© Phil Renaud 2015

Wednesday, 20 May 2015



Standing on high ground
Looking out over the land
Crush my fear of heights

© Phil Renaud 2015

Sunday, 10 May 2015

A relaxing Sunday Morning

A Relaxing Sunday Morning
Tea to sip
Coffee to drink
Crosswords to do
Breakie to eat
Music to hear
All part of  a relaxing Sunday Morning
© Phil Renaud 2015

Friday, 8 May 2015

Marijuana, The Beautiful Plant

Marijuana, The Beautiful Plant

The plants stand tall and green
Seven fingered leaves absorbing the sun
Growing daily, reaching for the sky
Marijuana, the beautiful plant

Buds like freshly iced cake
Grow green with white resin drops
Resplendent among the seven fingered leaves
Marijuana, the beautiful plant

Harvest is both a joy and a pain
Joy abounds with reaping of the buds
Pain for the loss of the beautiful plant
Marijuana, the beautiful plant

Crumbled, rolled and smoked
Colors meld together
In a psychedelic kaleidoscope
Marijuana, the beautiful plant

The aroma of cooking wafting on the air
Sets the mouth to drool and the craving begins
Sated, naptime is imminent
Marijuana, the beautiful plant

To some it’s illegal
To others a boon
To me it’s just
Marijuana, the beautiful plant

© Phil Renaud 2015

Weekly Contest, TWA


Snow falling all night
Obscuring my view outside
Child’s playground delight

© Phil Renaud 2015

Tuesday, 5 May 2015

What was I thinking?

What was I thinking?
I was a newsletter editor for over ten years
Doing so overcame my fears
Of writing for others

I took some writing courses
To improve my poetic discourses

I started writing
It was quite exciting
To be creative

I found some communities
That presented some opportunities
To share my work

However I found
That some communities frowned
On newbies

I realized there were cliques
And they were not unique
To any one community

Eventually I came across
One that was boss
So I joined

The writers were great
The community was first rate

Then some nasty
People decided to get trashy
And the community was gone

Another took its place
To fill the empty space

Now that community has left
I am bereft

It feels like the rug
Was given a tug
And pulled out from under me

I can still write
In spite
Of this development

But do I want to place
My writings on a community base
Filled with cliques

What was I thinking?
I must have been drinking
To believe
That my favourite community would never leave

© Phil Renaud 2015

Saturday, 2 May 2015

Word Mash-up #34

Word Mash-up #34

Pale grasses
Cover erotic powders
And spray a rosy swing
With gold
While stray men fling
Melancholy feelings
All around

© Phil Renaud 2015