Tuesday, 5 May 2015

What was I thinking?

What was I thinking?
I was a newsletter editor for over ten years
Doing so overcame my fears
Of writing for others

I took some writing courses
To improve my poetic discourses

I started writing
It was quite exciting
To be creative

I found some communities
That presented some opportunities
To share my work

However I found
That some communities frowned
On newbies

I realized there were cliques
And they were not unique
To any one community

Eventually I came across
One that was boss
So I joined

The writers were great
The community was first rate

Then some nasty
People decided to get trashy
And the community was gone

Another took its place
To fill the empty space

Now that community has left
I am bereft

It feels like the rug
Was given a tug
And pulled out from under me

I can still write
In spite
Of this development

But do I want to place
My writings on a community base
Filled with cliques

What was I thinking?
I must have been drinking
To believe
That my favourite community would never leave

© Phil Renaud 2015