Wednesday, 27 May 2015


Love is an emotion that when expressed freely spreads peace, warmth, and happiness.
Love is meant for sharing. For sharing by love spreads out covering the earth much like the Phlox flower spreads out to cover the meadow.
When love is shared it becomes as strong as a tree and as flexible as a branch. To endure love must be both strong and flexible to withstand the rigors of life. Having durability such as this love will last as long as the sun shines down on the earth.
Love has many faces. It can be seen in the joy of a child receiving their first puppy – unconditional & unrestricted. Or in the way a mother deer helps her fawn – nuzzling the baby deer. Or in the way a flower stretches out to reach the warmth of the sun – dazzling with beauty & aroma.
Love is not meant to be hidden. Hidden love festers and poisons itself with self-doubt and negativity quickly becoming like a boil – red & sore. Hiding love makes it unrequited causing the love to become hard & bitter pill to swallow.
Like Prince Charming and Snow White finding each other, true love will find its soul-mate.
So always remember that love is better shared or given away. And sharing love will only help to make this world a better place.

© Phil Renaud 2015