Friday, 4 November 2016


I have a respectable employment
Have had it for a couple of decades
It used to be a joy
To work
Now a lifetime
Of working has passed
Becoming a drudgery
Along the way

I started here
When it was a new plant
Things were viewed
Through rose-colored glasses
The sheen wore off
And the real work world
Hit me
Squarely in the jaw
And then the drudgery
Slowly crept in
So now my working days
Are a chore
So much so that
I don’t want to anymore

Retirement is
A few years away
I can hardly

My job is humdrum
Monotonous for sure
I will still strive
To do my duty
Each day at work
Until the glorious day
Of retirement arrives
And this drudgery ends

© Phil Renaud 2016