Monday, 21 March 2016

Add to a Poem #45 - Chaos


I did not realize when the chaos began

That the sky was falling
Leaves were burning
Tight chains seemed to bind me tight
How would I get out of the pandemonium?
The tumult of the crowd 
Seemed to fix me in space and time
A spectator frozen 
Panic fueled the movement of all but a few
I thought about running 
But where would I run to
Surveying I checked myself for injuries
It seemed that I had been left unscathed
Merely flattened by the blast
Others weren't so lucky
When high explosive turns a truck in shrapnel
Fate, bad luck, outrageous fortune and death
Are dealt out so randomly
The questions of a higher purpose become confused
Notions of God the Creator seem inappropriate
Misery draws the eye
Reality is suspended
Horror is just a freeze frame 
The mind whirs
Time has no meaning
Fire, fire everywhere
Panic engulfs me 
I struggle against 
The chains that bind me
The chain breaks 
With a loud snap
I am free
Pandemonium runs rampant
What am I to do 
In this chaos
How am I to escape?
Comfort in this dirge is well spent
Wailing howls of souls lament
Where is that door in the wall
The battered pieces of hope, to haul
And gather strength to stand from this great fall
Through the ages, these catastrophic chaos
Has erupted seemingly without reason
But everything in life has a season
Perhaps my answer lies in definition
Trial and Consequence,that which is inevitably part of creation
And that which my choices incurred, mental confusion

 Written by Elizabeth Gallo, Niamh Serendipity, Tonscher 01, Shefali Arora, Phil Renaud
Copyright 2016