Tuesday, 10 February 2015



The drips are fascinating
Blossoming red roses of color
On a slate grey roof liner
Dazed and confused I admire the redness of the blossoms
And I wonder why

I hear a banshee screaming and hollering
From right next to me
Loud and piercing, the scream eats into my brain
I think it is my wife
And I wonder why

The front windshield is a spider web of cracks
So fine and delicate
Spread across the glass
I can see the brown earth through the web
And I wonder why

Releasing my seatbelt
I fall as an apple falls from the tree
Hitting the roof
I crumble
And I wonder why

My door is stuck
A few donkey kick and it opens
And I wonder why

Upon exit
I notice the rubber side is pointing up like a dead bug
And I wonder why

The screaming ends
The fog of confusion lifts
Suddenly I know why

The other car came at us from the side
A ship appearing out of the murk,
It was suddenly there
Hitting us like a ton of bricks
Our vehicle rolled over
As a bowling ball rolls over when thrown
My nose had a meeting with the steering wheel
The beautiful red blossoms was my blood leaking from my schnoz
The banshee screams
Came from my better half
Letting out her fear and anxiety

The collision happened in the blink of an eye
Before my brain could process the event
The rollover caused turmoil and confusion
Turmoil that was eased by awareness of the situation

It was over
We were safe
Our car looked like a wrecking ball
Had landed on it

Life went on

© Phil Renaud 2015