Friday, 27 October 2017

40's What and Where

40’s What and Where

Hey Phil, now you’re forty
Bet you’d like to trade places with your sister “Shorty”

“What day is this?”, you can’t remember?
No, it’s not the month of September!

What’s that, you can’t hear me!
No, I didn’t say I had to pee!

Where are you going, that’s not your car!
Oh boy, this doesn’t look good so far!

What are you doing? You can’t go there!
You’re supposed to go to the bathroom so people won’t stare!

Oh, oh Pat you’d better come here,
Somethings wrong with Phil I fear.

It’s all because of his age you say!
And it only gets worse with each passing day!

Well Phil, I’ll wish you Happy Birthday anyways.
Even though you’ll forget in a few days.

I’m sending you a kiss, ok honey!
Oh, no Pat tell him I didn’t say money!

© Michelle Renaud-Toupin 2017

Used by permission