Thursday, 31 August 2017

Love Is...(2)

Love Is… (2)
…Like a rose. First it is a small seed. When it is planted and nurtured, love grows. Eventually blossoming into a beautiful flower.

…Like a blanket. Wrapped in your favourite one has a sense of warmth and security. Love warms the heart and secures the spirit.

…Meant to be shared. When love is shared it expands and deepens, becoming more expansive than the universe and deeper than the dark depths of the sea.

…Healing. When a heart is broken, love can mend the sorrow closing the wound like a seamstress sewing a torn dress. Love becomes the thread that binds the wounded soul.

…God. For he so loved the world that he sacrificed his only son to redeem us. Through that redemption we are saved. God showed the world how to love and now we can love and cherish our fellow humans.

…Sacrifice. Forfeiting our own life to save another is the ultimate form of love. Being willing to give all to help another person comes naturally when in love.

Love was given to us as a gift by our Lord and Saviour above. Cherish love and love will cherish you.

© Phil Renaud 2017