Friday, 12 August 2016



The wind ruffles my hair
Providing the illusion of coolness
My footfalls pound heavily
On the ground
My breathing is ragged
Coming in short gasps
I am in a running race

Sweating profusely
I struggle up a fierce hill
My legs churning
Around and around in circles
My bike barely moving
I crest the hill
And begin the long descent downhill
I am in a bicycle race

Common to every athlete,
Whether professional or amateur
Is the thrill of racing
I am no different
The adrenalin gets pumping
The heart beats faster
Goosebumps appear
The nerves are jangling
As the race nears
I love the thrill
Of competition

Competing against no-one
But myself
I race
The exhilaration of finishing
A race
Is a huge rush,
An addiction
I love the experience

© Phil Renaud 2016