Monday, 11 April 2016

Add to a Poem # 48 - The Writing Adventure

The Writing Adventure

We are a community of writers
Members of The Writing Adventure
We are creative wordsmiths of eloquent letters
We quill from our core, concepts of what matters
And share intuitive perceptions,
Carved in spiritual discernment
That connects us, heart to heart, with compassion
We write from the heart
The words that
Bounce around inside our heads
Penning these words 
Allow more to crop up
Creating more ideas and thoughts
So in a never ending circle
We write
Our words are sometimes jumbled,
Sometimes a mish-mash, 
And other times they are wondrous,
Touching the hearts and minds
Of our readers
Making them smile
We are the writers of 
The Writing Adventure
The writing adventure takes us places
It is an adventure
Whenever we journey on unmapped routes to places off the grid
Like the twisted 
Rut filled road from hell
That is likely to harbour the scrubbiest,
Raunchiest, snaggletoothed rejects this side of the Mississippi!
And the journey continues
The journey is replete with joy
Our writes are like the sunshine
That emanates and lights up our souls
We are the writers of The Writing Adventure
We shall never be apart!

Copyright 2016 
Written by Shefali Arora, Elizabeth Gallo, Sammy Clemensill, Phil Renaud