Saturday, 6 February 2016

Jim I & II

These poems are dedicated to my friend of more than 35 years who is on his last legs in life. I will miss you my old friend:((

Jim I
Your time here on Earth
Was full of mirth
And laughter

We shared the good times
And weathered the bad
Our friendship was all we had

Memories were made
Both happy and sad
Your friendship made me glad

But now your life
Is at the end
The strife cuts into my heart
Like a knife

I will miss you
My old friend

© Phil Renaud 2016

Jim II
We met on a sunny day
You were going to graduate
Me, I just wanted to get high and play
I took your recommendation
And bought the hash
For my stash

Our friendship took off
Like a rocket at blast-off
Through thick and thin
Our friendship was akin
To a brotherhood
That began in childhood

As the years passed
Our friendship grew
Memories amassed
Mixing together like stew
Filling our brains and heart
Like abstract art

Now after 35 years
It will come to an end
That will be full of tears
As you ascend
To the pearly gate
To meet your fate

I will miss you
My dear friend Jim
Thank you for being true
Even when your light is dim
We are friends forever

© Phil Renaud 2016