Monday, 11 January 2016

My Wife

My Wife

Our paths first crossed in high school. Me, I was the new kid.  She was the established kid. But fate was not on our side yet. We did not meet.

Our paths crossed again many years later. I was flying downhill on my bicycle, wind blowing through my hair, feeling extremely joyful. She called to me as I went zipping by. I stopped, we talked. And from there romance blossomed, opening like a flower feeling the warmth of the sun.

We made our life together. Her my wife, I her husband. As one we met the trials and tribulations of life with minimal strife.

Over thirty years have passed since that fateful day that our paths crossed. Thirty years of marital bliss.

Our love is endless. It has continued on through thick and thin. Our love has grown from a slender thread to a strong hawser. It transcends all boundaries to hold and bind us together.

As one we face the uncertain future. As one we will decide our fate. As one we will continue to face forward feeling the winds of change on our face.

We have our love for each other to guide us.

© Phil Renaud 2016