Friday, 21 August 2015



I am relaxing on my couch
In my Living Room
My head is wreathed in a blue smoky haze
A sweet pungent odor fills the air

The stereo is on
Playing rock ‘n roll
I can see the music
Coming from the speakers
The beat of the drums
Cause the haze in the room
To swirl, dance and cavort in time

I melt into the couch
My body and my mind succumbing to the hallucinogen
I enter a dreamlike trance
Where reality is distorted
And time has no meaning

I am free from my body
My mind floats high upon a cloud
Wandering aimlessly
To places I never knew existed
Where thoughts are fleeting
And strange
Never lingering in my brain
For very long

I like to pretend
I am more creative
When I am tripping

But am I really?
Or is it just an illusion.

© Phil Renaud 2015