Monday, 30 March 2015

Grief for My Mom

Grief for My Mom
My grief knows no bounds
It swirls
And twirls
All around me
It is the winter of my mom’s life
She is dying
On a hospital bed
My grief is rife
The spring of her life
Began in the Great Depression
A beginning full of strife
That era left an impression
The summer of her life passed by
Raising three children
Time seemed to fly
Until they left the building
The fall of her life was good
It saw three more kids guided
To adulthood
We were her pride
The winter of her life was bad
A loss of balance came with age
It was really sad
That at this stage
Falling was a danger
A life changer
My mother fell
And hit her head
Making her unwell
Almost dead

My Mom is near death
Death cannot come too soon
Her last breath
Is a boon
Because it eases
Her pain
And that pleases
My mother has died
My grief is boundless
I cried
Long, loud and soundless
My mother has passed away
She’s gone with the angels to stay
The four seasons of her life are gone away.

© Phil Renaud 2015